Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Brianna Stiffler: Going For the Goal

We all have goals in life, whether it’s to become famous, get good grades or make it to college. But for senior varsity soccer player Brianna Stiffler, her goals are quite literal.

Stiffler was only four when her mom enrolled her in a soccer club.

“Learning how to kick the ball was the hardest part,” Stiffler recalled with a laugh.

Stiffler has been playing on varsity since her freshman year and is currently an outside defender.

Stiffler has played many different roles on the field including right wing on midfield and goalkeeper.

One of Stiffler’s hardest years was her junior year “ I was stressed a lot,” Stiffler said. “Last year I struggled with injuries and was really overwhelmed on getting better and keeping up on my game.”

Stiffler suffered a concussion, shin splints, a sprained ankle, and calf stress fractures last season.

Although the stress was tough, Stiffler was tougher and is still playing. “[This season] is bittersweet,” Stiffler said. ” I’m just going to miss the girls I’ve been playing with for the past four years when we all go our separate ways.”

After 13 years of playing, though, Stiffler has decided not to go on to a college level team, making this her last year playing on a team.

But she said she will still find time for her favorite sport.

“I’ll still get a group of friends every once in a while to play a good match,” Stiffler said.