Multiple Teams · Cross Country Teams Soar High This Season

Delta Cross Country is only looking up from here. The team features a variety of new hope for the upcoming season, from inspiring freshmen to juniors and seniors helping to fill the shoes of our graduates.

Nathan Hahn, junior, has made big achievements since freshman year, both personally and for the boys’ team as a whole. He explains that how he keeps dropping time and staying focused is really quite simple.

“I think I’ve improved by basically just running hard every time I go out there,” Hahn said.

Another positive aspect to the team is junior Jenna Parsons. Since graduate Emily Grider is off to bigger and better things, Parsons has done her best to fill in the gap.

“I’ve learned to cope with injuries and finish in a good time,” said Parsons. “My main goal for this season is definitely to break the school record.”

Parsons and Hahn said the boys and girls teams have all been working hard and the equality of competition will push each of them to get their personal bests.

Freshman Austin Johnson also has a bright future ahead for the next four seasons of cross country.

“High school cross country is a lot harder than middle school but also a lot more fun at the same time,” Johnson said.

Johnson hopes to keep his newly achieved varsity spot.

“I got sixth and I will hopefully go up from there. The top varsity boys will definitely push me and encourage me to better myself,” explains Johnson.

The cross country team is hoping to get a lot done this year, from filling in for graduates to breaking records.

The teams compete at the Yorktown Invitational at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, August 24.